Updates and such <3

Hey guys! I know, I’m terrible at this. I have to confess I doubt I’ll get much better, I’ve always been horrible at keeping a blog. But how are you all? I’ve been well, and very busy.

My little one just turned two; it’s insane to believe that he’s already got two years under his belt, it seems like it’s been so much less. We had his birthday party this past weekend as well as our monthly D&D night, plus his actual birthday this week, and my mother’s wedding tomorrow. *pants*

But on the writing front I’ve been trying to get first round revisions done-my goal is to have them completely done by the 8th. I’ve booked a cover artist, my cover art should be done March 21st which gives me plenty of time to let my critiques run over the manuscript and do two rounds of betas. After that it will be off to a line editor. But! When I finish this round of my own revisions I’m going to take a break. 4-5 weeks of just letting my manuscript simmer so I can come back to it with fresh eyes before someone else reads it. In that four weeks I’m going to just chill-catch up on some reading, some video games, make some plans with friends, do all the things I’ve been pushing back this last month especially. It seems like I’ve spent the majority of my free time writing lately… but honestly I don’t feel like I’d rather have it any other way.

All this means I’ve been insanely busy even when it feels like I’m not, all to meet my self set deadlines. My book has a title! Imber, Book One of the Thanatos Trilogy.

It feels extremely crazy but extremely real to have a title for it. ❤

Anyway. Back to work. Gotta try and meet that deadline for my break 😉 Hope you’re all well and my short updates are sufficient for the time being, haha. ❤


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