Learning to Write

When I set out to write my manuscript this time around, I wanted to take it seriously. At fifteen, I just wrote what sounded good… and rereading it now fifteen year old me had a very dramatic mind and no clear structure. Granted, my favorite TV show then and still is Xena-and we can’t pretend that show doesn’t have plenty of whimsy and drama. Yet it had structure, and my story was ALL over the place. It reeked of insta-love and I tortured my protagonist just for the sake of it. Oops.

But in my revision of that old beast I wanted to learn the craft. I wanted to absorb as much information as possible to make this manuscript something I would be willing and proud to publish. My search lead me all over YouTube, pinterest, various blogs, and eventually even landed me in the lap of the Bookstagram community where I’ve met some incredible readers and writers. From everything I’ve found I learned something new-things people enjoy in their books, things people hate. I grew new confidence that no one will like everything I write, and trying to please everyone will ruin the potential of my story and make it a chore. Technically speaking I learned how to better develop my characters, how to make a solid plot… how to build a world. I learned how to tell a story, really tell a story.

I find a great deal of joy in the fact that I know I haven’t learned it all, and I never will. That I will do the best with what I know, and I’ll grow and evolve, and fifty years from now story telling will be different again. Our craft, our art, it’s a beautiful and evolving creature. I’m excited to see where it takes me. ❤

I had a hunch when I set out to write an entry tonight that it would be short, because I’m a really awful blogger. So! I’m going to share a couple of my favorite resources with you. If you have any you think I might like, be sure to comment them! I’ll look into just about everything. 🙂

The first is this lecture series by Brandon Sanderson. I learned so very much from this series and it focuses on Sci-Fi and Fantasy; my two main genres. Link!

Brandon Sanderson Lecture Series

The other might not come as a surprise to anyone-Pinterest! I have hidden storyboards for my current manuscript, but I also have a public board cram packed with writing tips, advice, quotes, facts… if you’re interested clicky below! And if you have writing Pinterest boards, I’d love to check them out. ❤

Pinterest Writing Board

Have a great Saturday night guys ❤


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