Doing all write ;)

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in a couple of days, largely for a complete lack of anything to say. Choosing a topic of discussion is often my weakest point, I’m better at telling a story than conversing. My online conversations and posts are literally as awkward as I am in person, haha. But! I had a “maybe idea”.

A lot of my best writing ideas come from dreams; REM sleep, middle of the night dreams, or daydreams… they’re indiscriminate. I have a binder cram-packed with ideas that may never see the light of day. So maybe I’ll take one of them and write it on here? I had a very vivid Beauty and the Beast meets Cinderella dream last night, and even though I’m working away at my current manuscript (or procrastinating on WordPress and claiming I’m working 😉 ) it keeps poking at me. I can see the protagonist, and his struggles, and his life. The plot is laid bare, and the subplots are twisting their way into my thoughts…

So maybe I’ll start it here and see what happens. Would anyone be interested if I did? It would definitely make this blog more interesting.

On that note, I should get back to work. Short blog, I know. I apologize. It’s the fourth in a couple of hours so there will be fireworks tomorrow, and our little city will gather on the riverbanks and watch them shoot off. There will be far too much traffic for the 15 minute show, and so many people… but it’s a nice tradition, nonetheless.

In the craziness that is our world, it’s nice to have traditions still.


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